Scientists find trigger for eczema

Scientists believe that a skin barrier protein called filaggrin is able to trigger eczema by impacting proteins and pathways in the skin.

Boots targets teenage boys with HPV service

Boots UK is extending a private in-store HPV vaccination service to offer parents an option to protect their sons, as well as their daughters

‘Harmless’ NSAIDs have cardiac arrest risk, says study

NSAIDs are associated with increased risk of cardiac arrest and should only be used after consulting a healthcare professional, says a new study.

MHRA’s festive facts about fake medicines

A novel online advent calendar reveals a fact about counterfeit medicines each day until Christmas

Gene testing first for patients on warfarin

Genotyping is being used to prescribe individualised dosages for patients receiving warfarin for the first time

Teva launches reformulated levothyroxine range

Teva has launched a reformulated version of levothyroxine, including two previously unavailable strengths

New HRT treatment

DUAVIVE, a new HRT, is now available for women for whom traditional progestogen-containing therapy is not appropriate.

New test empowers diabetes self care

The world’s first testing kit that allows people with diabetes to measure their HbA1c levels at home launches in the UK.

NMS toolkit aids support

Pfizer Healthy Partnerships launches a NMS Toolkit to help pharmacy teams support patients with long-term conditions.

New NICE guidance for anti-migraine device

NICE states that Cefaly, a device for the treatment and prevention of migraine, can safely be used within the NHS.

NICE urges safer use of controlled drugs

NICE’s guidance will help care professionals “negotiate complex legislation and regulations”, says the body.

New toolkit on valproate use in pregnancy

The MHRA has produced a new toolkit to ensure that women are better informed about the risks of taking valproate during pregnancy.

A good year for Actavis

Actavis has continued to expand its generics portfolio with the launch of 30 new products this year.

Changes to the Tapclob range

Martindale Pharma introduces the UK’s first licensed oral liquid suspension of the anti-epileptic medicine clobazam.

New mandatory CD requisition form

The Government has introduced an extra form to the process of ordering Schedule 2 and 3 Controlled Drugs.

Adherence: Let’s take care of it

Omnicell launches a new campaign to highlight the scale of medication non-adherence in the UK.

New ADHD formulation

Atomoxetine hydrochloride is now available as a ready-to-use raspberry-flavoured oral solution for ADHD.

Ustekinumab for adolescents

Ustekinumab is now available for moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis in patients aged 12 years and older.

A third of night-time hypos go unreported

Research shows a third of people with diabetes fail to report night-time hypos despite their negative impact.

Potential breakthrough in cancer treatment

A study published in the journal Cell, reveals a new drug could could help the immune system fight cancer.
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NHS England wants extensive prescribing blacklist

The national commissioning body wants to see the end of prescribing of over 3,000 treatments for common conditions

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