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Opening doors

The NPA says it’s time to improve everyone’s knowledge of pharmacy's potential as planning for AYP Week gets underway.

Let’s get digital, digital

With over half of Brits using health apps and wearables on a daily basis, the PAGB is calling for more digital solutions to be introduced.

Forging a new path

Shamma Baig shines a light on the opportunities for pharmacy technicians through her cross sector role.


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Personal learning log with detailed learning analysis features

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Up in smoke

A good night’s sleep is important for a healthy lifestyle, but what happens when sleep doesn’t come so easily?

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Eye on the ball

Understand the role of human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) in breast milk and learn about the new SMA® ADVANCED range of formula milks.

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Population health

Addiction prescription

PHE publishes the first ever review of dependence and withdrawal problems associated with five classes of common medicines.