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Syphilis spirals

UK sexual health experts are warning Brits against increasing rates of syphilis infections, and why they serve as a ‘wake up call’ to the state of sexual health services.

24 Apr 2024 , 1 Min Article


Rethinking ‘self care’

From breast checks to bowel screening, there’s so much more to self care than candles and bubble baths.

25 Mar 2024 , 1 Min Article


AI on the horizon

From the NHS AI Lab to a tool that can grade the severity of rare cancer, artificial intelligence is playing an increasing role in healthcare – but what are the benefits and risks?

07 Dec 2023 , 1 Min Article


Infestation of the nation

Bedbugs have hit the headlines recently, with fears that infestations in Paris have made it to London…

13 Nov 2023 , 1 Min Article


Hard to swallow

New statistics show that excessive alcohol consumption is still a problem for many people, so what can community pharmacy teams do to help them recognise and moderate their intake?

05 Oct 2023 , 1 Min Article


Blood is thicker than water

A new BMJ study has raised eyebrows as it marks the first-time human blood cells have been used to test period products.

13 Sep 2023 , 1 Min Article


Monitoring maternal mortality

As the world of medicine advances, why is the UK’s maternal mortality rate rising?

10 Aug 2023 , 1 Min Article


Addressing AMR

As WHO publishes its first AMR research agenda, and a UN report lays bare the threat of superbugs, what role can pharmacy play in AMR protection?

13 Jul 2023 , 1 Min Article

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Facing (exhaust)ion

A 2023 report has identified some of the greatest environmental threats to health in the UK.

14 Jun 2023 , 1 Min Article

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Uplift and upsell

The herbal medicines category can be confusing to navigate, but the right advice from pharmacy teams can lead to satisfied and informed customers, and increased sales for the pharmacy.

11 May 2023 , 1 Min Article

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Diseases that dance to the music of time

We are all aware that our bodies follow circadian rhythms. But how can upsetting those rhythms affect our overall health?

12 Apr 2023 , 1 Min Article

exercise girl.jpg

Am I allergic to exercise?

Anaphylactic reactions to peanuts and shellfish are widely publicised… but what about exercise?

14 Mar 2023 , 1 Min Article

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This month's campaign

Thinking on drinking

This July, Alcohol Awareness Week looks at making people conscious of how, when, where and why we choose to consume alcohol.


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Pharmacy First: shingles

The fourth module in our Pharmacy First service series looks at how pharmacy teams can help patients navigate the shingles service, as well as offering OTC advice and support for those who are ineligible.

19 Jun 2024 , 10 Min Module



There are a variety of foot problems customers may experience, and many of them can be treated with help from the pharmacy and self care, often without the need for a doctor’s appointment.

19 Jun 2024 , 15 Min Module


10 minute clinic: stomach pain

This handy 10-minute clinic is designed to act as a quick reference guide that will help you when advising customers in different category areas. The flowchart will lead you through the decision-making process to help you respond to customer queries. This month, we look at the advice you can offer and the products you can recommend to customers suffering with stomach pain.

17 Jun 2024 , 10 Min Module

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Sleep and stress: know when to refer

Understand how to advise on OTC medicated sleep aids and recognise when to refer customers to the pharmacist

10 Jun 2024 , 2 Min Module

Sponsored education

The person behind the patient

This interactive video will introduce three patients with erection problems (EPs) and ask you to work out what the causes might be and how you can help.

02 Aug 2022 , 4 Min Module


Dermatology: insect bites

Welcome to the second module in our series looking at dermatology. This module reproduces some content from the Dermatology: An introduction to managing common skin conditions programme with the kind permission of the NHS-funded Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE), and is designed to give you an overview and better understanding of this area of practice. For more detailed information on this topic, please view the full programme on CPPE’s website.

20 May 2024 , 10 Min Module


Travel health

As the sun returns to the skies and school holidays approach, many customers will be making time to travel, whether that be abroad or within the UK. There are plenty of self care and OTC tips you can share with customers, no matter their destination.

19 May 2024 , 15 Min Module

Sponsored education

Supporting men with erection problems

Get back to basics on the causes and impact of erection problems so you can confidently support you male customers

07 Dec 2022 , 15 Min Module

Sponsored education

Advising on allergy in the pharmacy

Recognise the different allergens present throughout the year and recommend effective products to manage allergy symptoms.

16 May 2024 , 5 Min Module


Pharmacy First: acute otitis media in children

Welcome to our CPD module series for community pharmacy technicians. Written in conjunction with the Pharmacy Magazine CPD series, it will mirror the magazine’s programme throughout the year. The series has been designed for you to use as part of your continuing professional development. Reflective exercises have been included to help you put your learning into practice.

20 May 2024 , 10 Min Module


Pharmacy First: uncomplicated UTIs

This series is written for pharmacy teams and aims to prepare the whole team for their involvement in the Pharmacy First service. It focuses on understanding the service, how to refer and how to manage those not eligible for referral, with OTC recommendations and advice.

20 May 2024 , 10 Min Module


Pharmacy First: Uncomplicated urinary tract infection

Welcome to our CPD module series for community pharmacy technicians. Written in conjunction with the Pharmacy Magazine CPD series, it will mirror the magazine’s programme throughout the year. The series has been designed for you to use as part of your continuing professional development. Reflective exercises have been included to help you put your learning into practice.

24 Apr 2024 , 10 Min Module


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Play it by ear

Many of us take for granted the ability to hear, and it is only when this sense is affected that we realise just how much of our daily lives depend on our ear health.

19 Jun 2024 , 5 Min Article


First things first

It is important for pharmacy teams to be able to help or impart useful knowledge when it comes to common first aid concerns.

19 Jun 2024 , 10 Min Article


Packed with advice

Whether customers are holidaying at home or abroad, pharmacy teams are on standby to give self care advice and OTC knowledge to help manage a whole range of summer ailments.

19 Jun 2024 , 1 Min Article


We all bear scars

Scars are marks on the skin after a wound or injury has healed. Most people are bound to wind up with a few scars, but some are more serious and require care and attention.

20 May 2024 , 1 Min Article


Weighing in

A woman’s worth should never be limited to how much she weighs. The role that weight plays in overall wellbeing, however, should not be ignored.

19 May 2024 , 1 Min Article


A plateful

Eating disorders are serious mental health conditions, and the first signs that someone may be suffering are often psychological and/or behavioural.

15 May 2024 , 1 Min Article


Pollen problems

The number of hayfever sufferers in the UK is expected to soar to 31.8 million by 2030, with the pollen season starting as early as January.

24 Apr 2024 , 1 Min Article


A deep dive into the dermis

When it comes to the skin, there is more than meets the eye – literally. Only the first layer of the skin is visible, which in combination with two other layers, works constantly to protect and insulate the body.

24 Apr 2024 , 1 Min Article


Mouthing off

Oral health is a key indicator of overall general health and wellbeing, with pharmacy teams at the front line of detection and prevention of many mouth problems.

23 Apr 2024 , 1 Min Article


A gut feeling

We are all familiar with the sayings “trust your gut” and “follow your gut” but what is this intuitive value we have placed here? Training Matters explores why the gut has become known as the epicentre of health and how to maintain it.

25 Mar 2024 , 1 Min Article


No gain with pain

Many people believe that aches and pains are inevitable as we age, but this is not the case. Training Matters explores how simple changes and habits can positively impact joint and muscle health

25 Mar 2024 , 1 Min Article



In a world overwhelmed by new technology, health tracking apps are a genuinely useful tool that regular people can use to keep tabs on their health.

25 Mar 2024 , 1 Min Article