Improving quality of life for thousands of people suffering from chronic headaches is the aim of a new study led by Warwick Medical School.

Open to people living with chronic headache, including migraine, in the Midlands and London, the study will compare usual GP care plus a relaxation CD, with a two-day headache education and self-management programme to help individuals manage and cope with their headaches better.

Professor Martin Underwood, the leader of the study, commented: “Self-management support programmes have an established place in the management of a range of chronic diseases and we are hoping our study will establish an effective method of treating such a common but potentially debilitating condition.”

It is thought that one in thirty of the population are living with chronic headaches, which means that they have headaches, including migraine, on 15 or more days every month for at least three months. However, there is very little information available about how to support people to manage their headaches, including migraine, or help them to make the best use of available treatments.

It is hoped that the results of the study could vastly improve the lives of headache sufferers and will help GPs and other healthcare professionals more effectively treat patients with chronic headaches in the future.


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