Numark has stepped up its training offering for members trying to achieve healthy living pharmacy (HLP) status after seeing an increasing demand for support.

The company has recently been contracted by North Yorkshire and the Humber Local Pharmaceutical Committees (LPC) to deliver a 'HLP in a box' training which includes the leadership and health champion training that form the requirements set out in Public Health England's healthy living pharmacy quality criteria.

Numark has so far trained a total of 37 pharmacy staff to become health champions in the Humberside LPC, and 198 pharmacy staff, with 115 individuals becoming health champions and 83 becoming leaders in the North Yorkshire LPC. The training was well received having had some great feedback from the delegates:

Since this success, Numark has further supported North Yorkshire LPC by providing free networking and support sessions for health champions within the area which include discussion on HLP and success of previous health campaigns, running a successful Stoptober health campaign and top tips for running health promotions. These will run across a number of dates throughout September.

Numark has also developed a comprehensive range of resources to meet increasing demand for HLP support, which include downloadable Health Promotion Guides that can help guide pharmacies through many of the major health promotions that they will need to run throughout the year to achieve and maintain their HLP Level 1 status. The resource has been introduced to complement the full support and guidance already accessible via NumarkNet to aid members in achieving their accreditation.

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