Promoting long, healthy lives

Merck Consumer Health has launched “We100”, a global initiative to help society prepare for an era of people living to 100. 

In the UK, life expectancy is increasing, and the 60-plus age group is the fastest growing age group worldwide and is expected to double by 2050. The focus of the campaign is therefore to help older people stay healthy and be active members of society for longer. The initiative has highlighted five risk factors for ill health among older people: loneliness, social exclusion, social isolation, poor diet and low physical activity. 

Merck believes that pharmacy teams have a role to play in engaging with older people to help them lead a healthy lifestyle and avoid the risk factors that contribute to ill health. As such, Merck has produced a new e-learning module for pharmacy teams. Promoting long healthy lives: the role of pharmacy provides an insight into factors that contribute to ill health and focuses on the advice that pharmacy teams can provide to make a positive difference to customers’ lives. 

Take Merck's Promoting long, healthy lives – the role of pharmacy module now.


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