Promoting long, healthy lives - the role of pharmacy


  • Promoting long healthy lives: the role of pharmacy
  • What is the WE100™ initiative?
  • Learning objectives
  • The impact of ill health
  • Significance of community pharmacy
  • Encouraging a healthy diet
  • Learning Scenario
  • Keeping active
  • Mental health – as important as physical health
  • Learning Scenario
  • Utilising your team
  • Signposting to further help
  • References
  • Post-test questions
  • Action & Evaluation

Promoting long healthy lives: the role of pharmacy

In association with WE100™

With the number of people aged over 60 growing faster than any other age group worldwide and expected to double by 20501, supporting your older customers to ensure that they live as healthily as possible is more important than ever before. This module provides an insight into factors that contribute to ill health and advice on how you, as a healthcare professional, can make a positive impact on their lives.

Originally Published by Pharmacy Magazine


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