Advising on stimulant laxatives

Find out how new MHRA regulations affect the supply of stimulant laxatives so you can reassure customers and help them find the right products

15 minute module

Advising on appropriate use of stimulant laxatives

Reassuring customers and supporting self-care

There have been changes to the licensing of OTC stimulant laxatives to minimise the risk of misuse.

Complete this module so that you can continue to advise customers on managing constipation, and answer their queries.



On completing this module, you will:

  • Understand what the changes mean for your practice
  • Be able to follow NICE guidance when making product recommendations
  • Understand who might benefit from using stimulant laxatives
  • Be able to recognise signs that customers might be overusing laxatives

This training is for pharmacy professionals, and may be used to help with pharmacy team training.

Product information is available at the end of the module.

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