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World Breastfeeding Week: 1-7 August

This August, pharmacy teams can help raise awareness on themes relating to breastfeeding

Starting in 1992, World Breastfeeding Week is a global campaign set up by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action to raise awareness and galvanise action on themes related to breastfeeding. 

The campaigns four key objectives are to: 

  • Inform celebrants about the selected theme of the year
  • Anchor the theme within the global breastfeeding agenda
  • Engage with individuals and organisations for greater impact
  • Galvanise action on the selected theme and related issues.

For 2023, World Breastfeeding Week will focus on breastfeeding and employment. It will showcase the impact of paid leave, workplace support and emerging parenting norms on breastfeeding through the lens of parents themselves, according to the organisation. Translating to the four key objectives, the campaign aims to:

  • Inform people about working parents’ perspectives on breastfeeding and parenting
  • Anchor optimal paid leave and workplace support as important tools to enable breastfeeding 
  • Engage with individuals and organisations to enhance collaboration and support for breastfeeding at work
  • Galvanise action on improving working conditions and relevant support for breastfeeding. 

For more information, visit the World Breastfeeding Week website.

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