Wales considers e-cigs ban

The Welsh Assembly has proposed a ban on the use of electronic cigarettes in enclosed public spaces  

Adherence low for antihypertensives

One in four people with high blood pressure are not taking their medicines as intended

Awareness up, but still more to do

More people are aware of the new medicine service and medicines use reviews compared to last year

Relieving winter pressures

MPs and health experts have launched an inquiry into winter pressures on health services

Changing roles of pharmacy professionals

The vast majority of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians work in patient-facing roles

As good as gold

Reckitt Benckiser struck gold at last month’s SMART Awards

Lowering Wakefield’s blood pressure

PHE has launched a campaign to identify the estimated 30,000 people with undiagnosed high blood pressure

Brits avoid STI advice

Over three million Britons would risk infertility rather than seek medical treatment for a STI

Co-op hits bad times

The Co-op Group has announced that  the group is about to report a loss of over £2 billion

Cheers to pub health checks

Nearly a third of men in South East Wales have signs of high blood pressure  

Action on script charges

E-petition launched to abolish prescription charges for all patients in England with long-term conditions

Innovative services = big savings

Three community pharmacy pilot services could save the NHS £470 million a year  

Driving under the influenza

More than one in seven drivers have experienced side effects from cold or flu medicines

Anger linked to heart attacks

Regularly losing your temper could increase the risk of a heart attack, warn scientists from Harvard School of Public Health  

MCA training in desperate need of overhaul

MCA training and quality of advice was put under the spotlight at the 2014 SMART Conference

Culture change needed

The staff culture within community pharmacy needs to transform if the sector is to be highly regarded by customers

NICE calls to extend statin use

NICE is calling on healthcare professionals to recognise more people at risk of CVD and offer them preventative medicines

Reporting side effects in children

London parents are the least likely to inform their GP if their child experiences a side effect from their medicines

New treatment for ulcerative colitis

MSD has announced the UK launch of Simponi  

Speaking up for pharmacy

Two campaigns are speaking up for community pharmacy and attempting to reduce the pressure on emergency services
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