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The planned session

Before you begin, have you completed the first module in this series about helping others?
Part one: Helping others learn

Module 1 looked at different learning principles and styles, as well as the factors that can motivate and demotivate a learner and the importance of work-based learning.

This module will consider two types of teaching session in the workplace: those that are planned in advance and those that occur on an ad hoc basis.

Ideas for training events arise throughout the normal working day and may be stimulated by questions from others in the team, such as:

  • What is this new medicine used for?
  • Why is Mrs Williams getting this extra item as well as all that other medication?
  • How should Mr Clarke use his inhaler?
  • What does INR stand for?

At the time, the answer may be briefly explained, but it may be decided that the subject should be followed up with a more in-depth teaching session. Some ideas for training sessions could include:

  • A local initiative e.g. stop smoking campaign, chlamydia awareness
  • A recent POM to P switch
  • A new therapy or medicine
  • A new SOP or way of working
  • A topic from a member of staff’s own reflective practice.