Well Pharmacy has launched ‘Eddie’ – the first digital subscription service for Viagra Connect in the UK – as a way to make purchasing OTC sildenafil as easy and hassle free for men with erectile dysfunction.

The discreet, online service is available through the geteddie.co.uk website and offers the option to buy single packs or sign up to the monthly subscription service. The product is delivered in unbranded packaging to the door of the customer with bank-grade data security, and no prescription fees or delivery charges to pay.

Dan Sheldon, head of digital at Well, said: “We want to offer our customers a choice and provide the best customer experience for them. Eddie is a friendly, convenient, simple way for our customers to get the treatment they need. Most importantly, it’s safe.”

John Nuttall, CEO at Well, added: “Digital services like Eddie are essential for the continued growth of our business.  Customer expectations and demands are ever-increasing, and we need to evolve our offering to meet and exceed those expectations, to expand our customer base”.


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