EPS urgent care scheme to be rolled out

A scheme that integrates the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) into urgent care settings is to be rolled out nationally following successful pilots in London and the East Midlands, NHS Digital has announced.

The scheme focuses on patients seeking care out-of-hours or from urgent care settings such as minor injuries units, walk-in centres or NHS 111. Prescriptions for these patients can now be sent electronically to a pharmacy, removing the need for paper prescriptions.

NHS Digital claims this will speed up prescription processing, allowing healthcare workers accross the NHS to spend more time focusing on patients. Initially, this service will be available to care settings running the Advanced Adastra system, although NHS Digital says it is working with other suppliers to create an EPS functionality.

Dr Vishen Ramkisson, senior clinical lead at NHS Digital, described the move as a “significant step in extending the benefits of digital prescribing, providing a faster, better and more effi cient system for patients, doctors and pharmacists.“


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