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An emotional day

Editor's comment July 2023.

Hello lovely readers! We have a super bumper edition of the magazine for you this month!

Alongside all our usual features and modules, we bring you our Recognition of Excellence (RoE) Awards 2023 supplement. I hope you enjoy reading about all our finalists and they inspire you to get involved with the awards in some capacity next year.

As always, it was my pleasure to be a part of the RoE Awards this year. It was my second year presenting the awards, but my fifth year involved in this event and wow it never fails to surprise me - it certainly was an emotional day! Special thanks to all our sponsors and to our guest speaker, Anthony Bennett - you really brought the House down.

It feels strange that RoE is over for another year already, but we know that the work being done and the support being provided in the pharmacy never stops. So a HUGE shout out to every single person working in community pharmacy - thank you.

For more on what is in the magazine this month, our Public Eye piece continues on from our June feature that looked at the State of the Environment report, further exploring the impact of antimicrobial resistance and the ways in which pharmacy teams can olay a vital role in this area - a great read! Do get in touch too if your team is already delivering on this, we would love to hear from staff who are antimicrobial stewards. Get in contact at:

A HUGE shout out to every single person working in community pharmacy

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