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Bayer expands business training

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Bayer expands business training

Small and independent pharmacies are failing to adequately use technology to effectively manage their businesses, according to research by CIG Research on behalf of Bayer Consumer Health.

The research found that one in five pharmacists in independent and small chain pharmacies don’t use a stock control system and “just know” how sales are going, with only 50 per cent using electronic point of sale (EPOS).

This research coincides with the launch of the second module in Bayer’s Business Fit for the Future programme, which provides guidance on how to make the most of technology and social media to drive business growth.

The NPA-accredited module – Let’s talk tech: using technology to drive your business – consists of a four-page booklet, distributed with P3pharmacy, and a video-based e-learning module designed for pharmacy managers.

Oya Canbas, head of Bayer Consumer Health, commented: Times are changing, and fast. With reduced revenue coming from prescriptions, the importance of driving OTC sales is crucial for maintaining profitability. Being able to effectively manage stock, track sales and organise shelves with best-selling items is key to being able to unlock this value.”

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