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Help find the missing 14,000

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Help find the missing 14,000

Prostate cancer UK has joined forces with NHS England to try to find the 14,000 men they believe have not started treatment for prostate cancer since the start of the pandemic.

"Prostate cancer is very treatable if caught early, so it’s vitally important that these men are found quickly before their cancer spreads," says the charity.

Although referrals and treatments for most other cancers have now recovered or risen above pre-pandemic levels, the number of missing prostate cancer diagnoses is growing. This is compounded by the fact that early prostate cancer rarely has symptoms that would prompt men to visit their GP.

Pharmacy teams are encouraged to share the campaign’s 'risk checker'. Promotional posters can be downloaded. Customers simply scan the QR code on the poster to be taken straight to the interactive risk checker. "Take 30 seconds to share the risk checker with your family, friends and colleagues. It could save a life," says the charity.

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