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Long-Covid common in England

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Long-Covid common in England

More than two million people in England may have had or still have long-Covid, with symptoms of the virus lasting at least 12 weeks and sometimes being described as “severe”. The chance of having persistent symptoms seems to be more likely the older a person is – 3.5 per cent more likely for each decade of life.

Latest figures from the Government’s REACT-2 studies show that long-Covid is more common among women, people who are overweight or obese, those who smoke, live in deprived areas, or have been admitted to hospital. It is less common in people of Asian ethnicity.

To help people cope with the disease, NHS England has opened over 80 long-Covid assessment services across the country and published a £100 million plan to expand support. This has been welcomed by the Self Care Forum, but chair Helen Donovan is keen to point out the important role self care can play in managing the condition too. “There are undoubtedly self care measures which we know can help in many cases to alleviate problems,” she said.

The Self Care Forum has added new long-Covid and post-Covid syndrome resources to its website.

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