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Teetotal in pregnancy reaffirmed

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Teetotal in pregnancy reaffirmed

No amount of alcohol is safe to drink during any stage of pregnancy, a recent study in the journal Chaos has reaffirmed.
The study looked at the affects of alcohol on foetal brain development as well as the biological changes in the brain that encourage foetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs) using network theory to analyse brain signals. The team of researchers included experts from the University of Aberdeen.
Commenting on the study, Dr Mary Ross Davie, Royal College of Midwives director of Scotland, said: “We welcome this study which provides us with further insight into the long-term effects that alcohol consumed during pregnancy can have on the brain development of the baby.”

She went on to say that FASDs can seriously impact a person’s adult life and the results of the study should encourage advice given to all pregnant women to be to completely avoid drinking. “We would advise any woman who is trying to become pregnant or who thinks they may be in the early stages of pregnancy to refrain from drinking any alcohol. If you need help or support to do this, please do speak to your GP or midwife,” Dr Ross Davie added.

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