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Foot & Leg care

For the more than one in 10 people who have a verruca or wart, Bazuka has a range of treatments. Bazuka Gel is a pharmacy-only product that contains salicylic acid to remove infected tissue and fi ght the virus. It also dries to form a water-resistant seal to help prevent the virus from spreading. Bazuka Extra Strength Gel contains over twice the amount of salicylic acid as the original formulation. Both products are also available for self-selection as Bazuka Treatment Gel and Bazuka Extra Strength Treatment Gel. Also available is Bazuka Sub-Zero which uses cryotherapy to freeze the affected area and destroy the virus.
Dendron: 01923 229251

Canesten Hydrocortisone Cream is a triple action cream to treat the symptoms of athlete’s foot. It is the only cream sold over the counter that is formulated with a combination of clotrimazole and hydrocortisone, delivering antifungal, antibacterial and antiinfl ammatory properties, says manufacturer Bayer. The cream works at the root of the problem by eradicating the fungi causing the infection, while also providing relief from infl ammation symptoms, adds the company. Canesten Hydrocortisone is to be used for a maximum of seven days.
Ceuta Healthcare: 0344 243 6661

Carnation Footcare will continue to advertise its clinically proven Corn Caps via a series of TV advertisements on ITV. The company hopes to appeal to new and returning customers during the key summer months. The caps, which contain salicylic acid and are available in packs of fi ve or 10 plasters, have been clinically proven to effectively remove corns. The results of the three-year trial established that the use of Carnation Corn Caps led to corns being removed more quickly and with greater pain relief, says Carnation Footcare.
Ceuta Healthcare on 0344 243 6661

Deep Freeze Pain Relief Glide-on Gel is a fast-acting drug-free way to tackle leg and foot pain. The easy to apply gel is portable, convenient and can be used as often as required to relieve sharp, shooting leg and foot pain as well as muscle or joint pain, says manufacturer Mentholatum. Developed to meet growing customer demand for a fast-acting, soothing dual action product, the gel works by activating receptors in the skin which tell the brain to dilute the pain, which in turn helps to limit infl ammation, the company adds. The product is being supported by a summer national digital campaign to educate busy women on the benefi ts of cold therapy.
Laser Healthcare: 01202 780558

Nailner 2 in 1 is a brush-on treatment for nail fungus that fights the infection while improving the appearance of the nail, says manufacturer Trimbe Healthcare. The carrier system allows the ingredients of Nailner to saturate the nail to combat the fungus, directly creating an environment that the fungus cannot survive in. It contains a brightening ingredient to improve the nail’s appearance in seven days and a moisturiser that conditions the nail and improves the dried appearance. Nailner 2 in 1 is available as either a pen or brush applicator.
Ceuta Healthcare on 0344 243 6661

Wartie Cool is a wart and verruca treatment that can work in one application. It is designed to be an effective and easy way to tackle warts and verrucae and is suitable for children over the age of four. The metal tip of the applicator is designed to ensure that there is no damage to the surrounding area while delivering an effective freezing treatment to the affected area, says manufacturer Trimbe Healthcare. More stubborn warts or verrucae can be treated by Wartie Advanced, which is suitable for children over the age of 12.
Ceuta Healthcare: 0344 243 6661

Older people's health

Topical NSAIDs can help people suffering from aches and pains. Mentholatum’s triple-action Deep Relief products offer pain relief along with a cooling and anti-infl ammatory action. Containing ibuprofen and levomenthol, Deep Relief targets back, muscle or joint pain and can be benefi cial for people who prefer a topical solution over an oral analgesic. Deep Relief Anti-Infl ammatory Gel is now available in a new 100g GSL pack (rrp £11), alongside the 30g (rrp £4.70) and 50g (rrp £5.99) packs. Deep Relief Joint Pain Gel is a pharmacy-only 100g pack (rrp £11) that can be recommended for the relief of pain associated with non-serious arthritic conditions.
Laser Healthcare: 01202 780558

GOPO Joint Health is a natural rose-hip powder supplement made using a specialist process to ensure high levels of the galactolipid GOPO. GOPO is the active compound isolated from rose-hip (Rosa canina) that has been clinically proven to help reduce joint pain and stiffness, improving flexibility and mobility, says Lane Health Products. The galactolipid GOPO has been studied in over 20 clinical trials, the company adds. Available in 120 or 200 capsules packs, GOPO Joint Health also contains vitamin C, which is essential for collagen formation, needed by the body for healthy bones and cartilage, says Lane Health Products.
Lane Health Products: 01452 52401

Many factors can influence the breakdown of food in the body, including stress, age, ill health, poor eating habits, and poor diet. Supplementing the diet with digestive enzymes could provide digestive benefi ts. Lepicol is a three-in-one combination of psyllium husk fibre supplement, live bacterial cultures and inulin. These ingredients help people to meet the recommended intake of fibre, and contribute to the maintenance of normal bowel transit, says manufacturer Probiotics International. Lepicol Plus includes the same formulation plus digestive enzymes. Lepicol is available in powder or capsules and is suitable for children, pregnant women and vegetarians.
Probiotics International Ltd: 01460 243230

Summer health

Bio-Kult can be taken to maintain a healthy gut by establishing healthy bacteria and preserving the body’s natural immunity, claims manufacturer Probiotics International. Bio-Kult Advanced Multi-strain Formula can be taken for one to two weeks prior to travelling to help prepare the gut and reduce the chance of being ill on holiday, the company suggests. Continuing to take Bio-Kult whilst on holiday and for at least a week on return can help to inhibit any bacteria that enter or remain in the gut, Probiotics International adds.
Probiotics International Ltd: 01460 243230

Care Aqueous Calamine Cream is a mild astringent for symptomatic relief of mild sunburn and other minor skin conditions. The product contains calamine and zinc oxide and has a soothing effect when applied to the skin, explains manufacturer Thornton & Ross. Care Aqueous Calamine cream is part of the Care range which includes over 80 products covering the majority of minor ailments, the company adds.
Thornton & Ross: 01484 842217

Dioralyte is a rehydration solution that provides fast and effective treatment for fluid and electrolyte loss associated with acute diarrhoea, explains manufacturer Sanofi . The formulation of glucose and mineral salts is scientifically balanced to promote absorption of fl uids and electrolytes – just what the body needs to rehydrate, the company continues. Dioralyte is suitable for adults and children of all ages, however infants under the age of two years with diarrhoea should be seen by a medical practitioner as soon as possible. Dioralyte is available in boxes of six sachets and comes in blackcurrant, natural and citrus flavours.
Ceuta Healthcare: 01202 780558

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has announced increased media investment for cold sore brand Zovirax in the form of a summer education campaign. Running from July to August 2018, the campaign is based on a perception that cold sores only happen in the winter time, when in fact incidence data suggests this is not the case. GSK aims to increase awareness of the prevalence of cold sores during summer, as UV rays can damage skin and trigger recurrent cold sores, and demonstrate the importance of stocking-up on Zovirax within the lip care category and cross merchandising travel fixtures.
GlaxoSmithKline: 0800 783 8881

Kelo-cote is a topical silicone gel used to treat and prevent hypertrophic and keloid scars that can occur as a result of trauma, burns or surgical procedures. The gel works by hydrating the skin, softening and flattening the scar tissue and reducing itching and discomfort, explains manufacturer Alliance Pharmaceuticals. To help protect scars from the aggravating effects of the sun, the product is available in an SPF30 format with added UV protection. Kelo-cote is also available in a spray that negates the need to touch the affected area.
Alliance Pharmaceuticals: 01249 466966


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