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Foot & Leg Care 

The Bazuka range of verruca and wart treatments includes the pharmacy-only Bazuka Gel and Bazuka Extra Strength Gel, as well as Bazuka Treatment Gel, Bazuka Extra Strength Treatment Gel and Bazuka Sub-Zero, available for self-selection. Bazuka Gel contains salicylic acid that gradually removes infected tissue and eliminates the virus, drying to form a water-resistant seal and prevent the virus spreading, explains manufacturer Dendron. Buzuka Sub-Zero is based on cryotherapy and can freeze warts or verrucas to the core in just one treatment, the company adds.
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Mentholatum’s Deep Freeze Pain Relief Glide-On Gel helps to relieve sharp and shooting muscle, joint, leg and foot pain, such as plantar fasciitis, and helps to cool tired and aching legs, explains the company. The Glide-on Gel offers fast-acting, targeted, soothing pain relief at the point of pain, with the cooling sensation lasting for up to an hour, while the penetrating cooling provides longer lasting pain relief, Mentholatum explains.
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RB has announced a partnership between Scholl and The College of Podiatry in order to help educate healthcare professionals and the UK public on how to treat foot conditions and care for their feet. A footcare training tool is now available, as well as an in-depth clinical professional development module, which is due to be available this summer.
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