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It’s time to promote self care

Self Care Week is back in full force for it's 10th anniversary this week, focusing on embedding self care support across communities

Don’t forget that Self Care Week is back in full force for its 10th anniversary this week, focusing on embedding self care support across communities and making it a part of everyday life.

With the difficulties of the last 18 months taking their toll on physical and mental wellbeing, it is more important than ever for people to practise self care and make positive lifestyle choices. This is why the organiser, the Self Care Forum, has chosen the theme "practise self care for life" for this year’s campaign.

Self care advice is a vital part of the support pharmacy teams can provide. As well as helping to reduce GP consultations and save the NHS money, it also increases personal responsibility, helping to improve people’s wellbeing and their ability to manage long-term conditions.

According to Ade Williams, a Self Care Forum trustee and superintendent pharmacist at M J Williams Pharmacy in Bristol: "Self care addresses voids in knowledge, empowering people to know how to take care of their health."

What can I do?

Promoting self care in the pharmacy involves providing patients with the information they need to manage common ailments and make healthy lifestyle choices. As well as recommending appropriate over-the-counter treatments for a range of common ailments, pharmacy teams can offer lifestyle advice, such as eating a healthy, balanced diet, giving up smoking and making sure to exercise frequently.

This year, recognising the increasing importance of self care, many companies are getting involved with Self Care Week. GSK, for instance, is offering resources to help pharmacy teams get onboard. Visit the GSK Health Partner portal to access an array of condition-led information, learning resources and patient support materials here

According to Kavita Davis, senior expert (HCP) marketing manager at GSK, the company’s focus on self care is part of its long-term drive to get people to take a proactive interest in their own health. "Pharmacists can play an active role in relieving the strain on the NHS," says Kavita, "offering the right advice and range of products to provide consumers with everything they need."

For more Self Care Week information and resources, click here.

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