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Majority ignore health conditions rather than seek pharmacy's advice


Majority ignore health conditions rather than seek pharmacy's advice

Seven in 10 people in the UK ignore their health conditions rather than seeking advice from primary healthcare professionals, new research conducted by Perrigo has revealed.

Published in September 2022, the report found that 82 per cent of people are living with a minor health condition – including backpain and headaches – with the average person experiencing four of these conditions at once.

Despite this, 70 per cent are choosing to ignore them rather than seek advice and 57 per cent admit they tend to suffer in silence. Furthermore, the study revealed that 43 per cent of respondents had never considered going to a pharmacy for advice.

“As pharmacies, we can often be overlooked when it comes to the first point of call for our customers and patients,” said Farah Ali, superintendent pharmacist at Warman-Freed, Perrigo’s leading pharmacy.

“We need to play a better role in show casing how we can better help our customers with our training in selfcare advice and in-pharmacy solutions so that minor issues and ailments that can be easily remedied and do not affect quality of life in our communities.

“With a particularly tough winter ahead for various reasons, some of our most vulnerable customers may be more likely to suffer in silence, so we as pharmacies need to make extra efforts to ask the right questions.

“We are a staple support service in our communities, and this research shows how vital it is that the pharmacy community across the UK ensure their skills and support services are seen by as many as possible.”

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