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Pet tech brands tackle rising separation anxiety in dogs


Pet tech brands tackle rising separation anxiety in dogs

Dog training app, Woofz, and pet tech brand, Petcube, have launched an app-based training course to treat separation anxiety in dogs.

The specialised training course is aimed at helping dog owners resolve separation anxiety and the residual depression that follows. It comes after 73 per cent of dog owners reported the condition in their pets, a number that has increased by 15 per cent in the last year.

The rise is largely attributed to owners returning to their places of work or adopting hybrid working, meaning less time is being spent at home or consistently at home.

The course is available via Woofz, which is available on both iOS and Android devices. It contains guides to identify whether behaviour is due to separation anxiety, as well as suggestions for ways to entertain pets while away from home and techniques to get dogs used to an owner’s absence gradually.

Also included are specialised recommendations related to using Petcube pet camera to interact and keep an eye on dogs while their owners are out of the home and a dedicated module for puppies six months or older.

 “We’re thrilled to be launching this course which blends the latest in connected pet technology with behavioural science, to provide a truly contemporary and digital approach to managing a really prevalent dog behavioural issue,” said Natalia Shahmetova, chief marketing officer at Woofz.

 “Our data has shown that separation anxiety is a huge problem for dog owners ever since the pandemic began to ease, as dogs have struggled to adapt to their owners’ lifestyles as the world has opened up.”

 A subscription to Woofz is available for £8.49 following a 3-day trial or for £26.99 for a 12-week subscription.

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