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UK women's health standards drop according to global findings

A survey found that standards of women's health in the UK rank poorly compared to those of other EU countries, raising important questions about the time, effort and money put into women's health in the UK.

The Global Women’s Health Index recently published a survey which ranks nations’ performance in five key areas in women’s health and wellbeing. The results show that the UK has dropped from 30th on the global league table, to 37th – a very concerning drop. Compared to women living in EU countries, women in the UK were shown to have received fewer screenings for high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes and sexually transmitted infections, and the study found that in 2023, over one billion women did not visit a healthcare professional, with only 11 per cent of women undergoing cancer screenings. The UK average scored lower than the EU average in cancer screening, emotional health and women’s safety.  

Alison Fiander, Women’s Health Programme lead at Learna, an online education provider, said: “These findings are [a] concerning reading for the current state of healthcare in the UK. The question needs to be asked: why are we receiving less preventive care in such important areas of healthcare compared to countries across Europe? These findings underscore the critical need for governments, non-governmental organisations, and policymakers to prioritise women's health and invest in interventions that put women's best interests first.”  

Alison went on to say that the survey results should act as a wake-up, saying “These findings underscore the urgent need to enhance focus on topics such as preventative measures, pregnancy care and other key areas affecting women’s health, to not only to catch up but to set a global standard in the research area”.

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