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All is revealed


All is revealed

TM's Monica West puts John Bell and Croyden’s new electro interstitial scanner to the test

“If you’re relaxed, you get the most accurate results,” says nutritionist and homeopath Dr Vidhi Patel as she attaches a band of wires around my head and asks me to place my hands and feet on metal plates.

Is this the scene of some casual electrocution therapy? No. And Training Matters hasn’t signed me up for some kind of medieval torture. Yet. Instead, I had the opportunity to try out the new non-invasive full lifestyle and health assessment 3D scanning service now available at John Bell and Croyden, the pharmacy owned by McKesson UK – also parent company to LloydsPharmacy – and holders of the Royal Warrant.

Go with the flow

Using a 3D electro interstitial scanner (EIS), the test, which is available in store every Thursday, scans the intestinal fluid by passing low voltage electrical current (2.5-2.7DV) through the body. Since the interstitial fluid, which surrounds cells, tissues and organs, is a good conductor of electricity, it can find information about imbalances and inflammation in the body. 

As I took my rings off to start, Dr Vidhi did her checks, confirming with me that I wasn’t pregnant, epileptic or fitted with a pacemaker, and then began the process.

The scanning was incredibly quick, taking around three to four minutes in total. And although it may have looked slightly scary, I didn’t feel a thing. Prior to the test, Dr Vidhi made of point of not asking me anything about my medical history, to demonstrate the viability of the test. This, I must say, made the results impressive when she picked up on my calcium deficiency as a result of lactose intolerance.

The test has the ability to highlight any specific body imbalances and can help with disease prevention by creating the opportunity to tailor the diet, make lifestyle changes and introduce supplements, as appropriate.

Personalised plans

Commenting on the scan, Dr Vidhi says: “It is a simple and pain-free process in which you can sit comfortably and at ease as the system scans your body. Once the scan is complete, we will thoroughly review the results and prepare a personalised assessment to help rectify any imbalances by identifying what the best eating and drinking needs are for your body.” 

The post-scan consultation usually lasts up to 90 minutes, but this is up to the individual based on the level of depth in which they want to discuss the results. Regarding any health issues, Dr Vidhi says: “I always recommend that we need to find out at what stage we are in the regarding the condition that is in front of us. Then gauge what is the best solution, or treatment or protocol that is best to treat”.

One or more follow up tests after one or two months, taking up to 60 minutes each, are available to individuals based on their needs, and more specific areas of health and wellbeing can be focused on in these sessions.

The whole process was absolutely fascinating. Dr Vidhi herself said that every time she uses the service it convinces her further of its accuracy and benefit to health. Have we glimpsed the future of check-ups? Watch this space…

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