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CPPE on... calculations


CPPE on... calculations

CPPE turns its attention to clinical calculations in its newly launched e-learning programme

CPPE is pleased to announce the launch of our new e-learning programme, Clinical calculations for pharmacy professionals.

The programme aims to support pharmacy professionals with calculations in clinical settings when preparing, prescribing or checking medicines or when advising other healthcare professionals. The principles can be applied to any sector of pharmacy practice.

Practical learning

This e-learning programme provides learners with four short case studies to work through so that they can see how the calculations they are making relate to patient care and every day clinical practice. After each question, there is a video showing how to work out the suggested answer so that learners can compare with their own answer. The four case studies are:

  • Renal impairment
  • Palliative care
  • Paediatric ward
  • Formulation changes.

Although the case studies are based on hospital and clinical primary care settings, the principals involved can be applied to any sector of pharmacy and may help to support safe service delivery as the clinical role for community pharmacy expands.

Clinical calculations

Upon completing the learning, pharmacy professionals will be able to calculate ideal body weight and adjusted body weight for patients and explain when these calculations may be necessary, interpret weight per volume strengths of medicines and adapt calculation answers to practical doses which can be administered to patients.

This programme is open to all pharmacy professionals and can be accessed via the CPPE website.

For additional information on calculations or to revisit any basic mathematical concepts, CPPE also has a Dispensary-based calculations for pharmacy technicians e-learning programme.

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