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CPPE on... Deprescribing


CPPE on... Deprescribing

CPPE has announced the launch of its brand new Optimise programme, Deprescribing: focus on safe and appropriate deprescribing

Any pharmacy professional can play an important role in deprescribing. This can range from identification of potentially inappropriate medicines, through to highlighting the need to discontinue a medicine. Although deprescribing is classed as a prescribing activity, this does not prevent non-prescribing pharmacy professionals from making recommendations. 

The programme explained

The Optimise programme aims to explore how pharmacy professionals can contribute towards the safe and appropriate deprescribing of medicines. Upon completing the Deprescribing programme, learners will be able to recognise a person-centred approach to deprescribing that considers the patient’s perspective and apply a stepwise approach to the process of deprescribing from identification through to stopping a medicine.

The Deprescribing Optimise programme is made up of several individual learning tasks to be completed before attending the group session. These tasks should only take around 20 minutes to complete and cover topics such as understanding the patient’s experience and ensuring that medicines use is as safe possible. The group learning activities should take about 40 minutes to complete and include case studies and discussion points to work through.

CPPE Optimise programmes are designed to be studied in a group at the workplace or as part of a learning community. This small group learning session is supported by online learning on the CPPE website at:, which is optional learning for participants if they wish to obtain background knowledge. The optional background learning
is not accounted for in the 20 minutes of preparation.

Further learning

There are also Optimise programmes available on a range of other topics such as medicines reconciliation, insulins and antimicrobial stewardship. To ensure that the portfolio remains fresh and innovative, most of the Optimise programmes will be withdrawn from use 12 months after their release.

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