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CPPE on... Depression


CPPE on... Depression

With depression a common and often invisible condition, CPPE has launched a new Optimise programme on the subject to aid pharmacy professionals in supporting patients 

At least a third of the English population is predicted to experience an episode of mild depression during their lifetime, so it is likely that everyone will know or care about someone affected by the condition or be affected themselves. 

However, unlike physical ill heath, the symptoms of depression are often invisible. Social stigmas around depression can often inhibit people from talking about their condition or seeking help, with almost 40 per cent of people who meet the criteria for major depression not going to see their doctor. Are you confident as a pharmacy professional talking to people with depression about their condition?

Improving consultation skills

CPPE’s Depression Optimise programme aims to help pharmacy professionals improve their consultation skills with people who have depression and gain confidence in engaging in discussions. This programme also aims to develop their ability to listen to the person’s concerns and respond to their needs.

Completing the Depression Optimise programme will help pharmacy professionals summarise the risks and benefits of antidepressants and undertake discussions about treatment options with people with depression that meet their needs.

CPPE Optimise programmes are designed so that any member of the pharmacy team can run a small group learning session at any time. The learning consists of preparation activities that will take approximately 20 minutes to complete and these focus on medicines optimisation and improved patient outcomes. The small group learning session should take around 40 minutes and includes activities on clinical decision making and clinical consultations.

Expand your learning

There is a full suite of Optimise programmes available on a range of other topics such as medicines reconciliation, insulins and antimicrobial stewardship. To ensure that the portfolio remains fresh and innovative, most Optimise programmes are withdrawn from use 12 months after their release.

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