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CPPE on... the ACPT prgramme


CPPE on... the ACPT prgramme

CPPE’s ACPT programme is open for applications so pharmacy technicians have the opportunity to upskill themselves and further support the Covid-19 response

At CPPE, we understand the pressures facing pharmacy teams in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The pharmacy workforce will likely face continued disruption, so this may be an ideal opportunity to upskill as an accuracy checking pharmacy technician in order to support the response.

The CPPE Accuracy checking pharmacy technician (ACPT) programme is free to pharmacy technicians working in community, health and justice and hospitals in the north of England and London and the South East, as it is fully funded by Health Education England.

What is it?

The ACPT programme is a training and development programme that aims to support pharmacy technicians in developing a range of skills including communication, leadership and awareness of pharmacy practice.

Completing this programme will also support pharmacy technicians in developing the skills and knowledge needed to confirm the accuracy of dispensed items from prescriptions that have been clinically screened and approved by a pharmacist prior to dispensing.

The programme lasts for between three and 12 months, so it would be possible for pharmacy technicians to complete it in 2020 and bolster their contribution as a vital part of the NHS response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Wider reach

There are seven parts to the programme and there is a mix of online learning and practice-based activities.

The programme will also support the development of the entire pharmacy team, as ACPTs are able to take on accuracy checking tasks from pharmacists, allowing the pharmacy team to boost their efficiency and improve outcomes for patients.

To find out further information, have a look at the detailed programme handbookand apply for a place on the course via the CPPE website.

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