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Time out with: Dave Rollinson

Dave Rollinson believes there are natural answers to natural issues. He talks about his new supplement brand MyVybe.

What is MyVybe?

MyVybe is a range of high-quality vitamins, minerals and supplements. We have got an array of scientifically developed unique formulations providing support for a broad spectrum of health and wellness goals and issues. MyVybe has a unique positioning within the market because it is botanically based and 100 per cent natural.  We have also built our business in the most sustainable way possible. Our boxes are FSC registered meaning the cardboard is made from sustainable forestry and recyclable, our pouches are fully compostable and even our website hosting is on a carbon neutral offset platform.

Can you tell us about its targeted health benefits? 

Some of the products we do are single items, so vitamin D and vitamin C. for example, but the majority of them are unique formulations for MyVybe designed to help some of the common health issues or goals that people have. Common issues with joints, particularly in older people, would be helped by our bone and joint formulation – helping with flexibility and in the rebuilding of the joints with collagen. If you have problems with digestion, you might be bloated or have difficulty digesting food, our digestion or probiotic range works very well. The probiotics contain 30 billion acidophilus, which is a live culture. Within your gut you have good and bad bacteria, this is a good bacteria, it helps to rebuild balance within your stomach. There's a lot of evidence that says there is a link between gut health and brain health. If you're struggling with some of those physical digestion issues, then indeed that can start to affect your mood and ability to concentrate or focus. 

Your slogan is 'better by nature' can you tell us about the natural ingredients you use?

It’s all 100 per cent natural ingredients, none of the products are generated synthetically, and botanically based. The excipient that we use, the part of the product that binds it all together within the capsule, is all fruit and veg based with the majority of our range being vegetarian friendly as well. A lot of people are looking for a natural remedy, we believe very strongly that all the remedies are available naturally within the world. It’s not about developing things synthetically through a test tube, it’s really about providing a natural answer to a natural issue or goal. 

What is the Health Hub?

What we're trying to do with the website is to provide, as well as the range of products, people with as much information that they may want about their particular health goals or issues. The human body is extremely complex and trying to understand what is the right product for your particular health goal can be quite difficult unless you've got an MSC in nutrition. That's why the products are called bone and joint or digestion – it's meant to be easy to navigate. With the Health Hub, we're trying to provide a braoder range of articles and information to help you make an informed decision as to what is the right course of action for yourself. If you want to find out about bloating, digestion problems or you want to find out about stiffness in joints, the Health Hub is there to allow you to read as much background as you possibly can to make sure that the route that you're taking is right for you – without any bias towards any particular product range. We have developed the range in conjunction with our Scientific Advisory Board which consists of a GP, a nutritionist and a pharmacist to ensure the highest quality of natural products that are scientifically based. 

What are your future goals for MyVybe? 

Our goals at the moment really are to be able to get that message out there that there is a scientifically developed natural alternative to help with your long-term health goals, as well as the short term, more acute issues. We are based online so theoretically speaking, it’s available worldwide, but for now we’re concentrating on the UK. The idea is to build the brand in the UK, providing people with a comprehensive source of information about natural vitamins, minerals and supplements and how they can support their own health and wellness.

Are you working on any other new products we can mention now?

Not that I can mention at the moment, but there are 10 new products where the formulations are just about completed now, and they should be coming on board probably early part of next year. 

How can pharmacies find out more?

I know that pharmacy is a tough environment at the moment. There's a lot of pressure on the pharmacists and their ability to provide the services for the community that they have done previously. The funding for pharmacy has been squeezed beyond belief to be perfectly honest. But I also know because of that, pharmacies are looking for new revenue streams and new ways of servicing their communities. And I think more and more are becoming aware that there is a demand and a requirement from their patients and customers for alternative treatments. A number of them are now starting to run a range of natural remedies. A lot of pharmacies are quite interested in that because it’s a different aspect of treating patients. So there’s a patient demand there, but there’s also a completely different revenue stream and area to become involved with – profitably, I would say. 

Find out more at: MyVybe.

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