Pharmacy in the public eye

Support for community pharmacy and objections to the Department of Health's funding cuts are increasing by the day. As such, the future of pharmacy is still grabbing headlines in the national press.

After launching in February, the National Pharmacy Association's (NPA) Support Your Local Pharmacy campaign petition has surpassed a landmark one million signatures and The Guardian reported that it could become the largest petition circulating in the UK and outlined the views of industry bodies on the subject.

NPA chairman Ian Strachan has voiced his concerns about pharmacy cuts and potential pharmacy closures in an article for The Huffington Post entitled Why the Government Plans for Pharmacy Make No Sense. Mr Strachan refers to the recent announcement that GP surgeries would receive a £2.4 billion funding boost to improve access for patients as an “unacceptable trade off”, when as many as 3,000 pharmacies may close as a result of funding cuts which would limit patient access to vital health services.



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