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Pharmacy technician Vicky is walking back through the pharmacy after her lunch when a customer approaches her.

“Excuse me, I don’t suppose you could recommend a really good moisturiser, could you?” asks the woman.

“Yes, I probably can,” replies Vicky. “Is it for the body or face?”

“Actually it’s for around my eyes,” says the woman. “I’ve tried a few different things, because my usual one wasn’t working, but everything seems to really sting and my eyelids are just so sore. Look.”

She closes her eyes, and Vicky sees that the skin on both eyelids is indeed red and a bit flaky.

“Hmm. Is it worse in the morning? Do you notice any stickiness?” asks Vicky. “And are your eyelids a bit itchy?”

“Funny you should ask that,” comes the response. “Yes to all three. Do you have something in mind?”