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What's the scenario?

Sarah is at the counter talking to pharmacy technician Vicky.

“Did you hear about the mistake they made with the breast cancer screening?” says Sarah.

“I did hear about that, yes,” replies Vicky. “But you’re up to date with your check-ups, aren’t you?”

“Well, I think so, but I can’t remember how long it’s been since the last one, and when I phoned the GP surgery to ask to book a mammogram, I was told I couldn’t until I’m 70!” exclaims Sarah. “Honestly, just how ridiculous is that? I’m only 63, are they really expecting me to wait and come back in seven years?”

“I don’t think that’s quite what they mean,” says Vicky, cautiously.

“Well, explain it to me then please,” says Sarah. “I’m not sure I want to rely on them writing to me every time I’m due a scan – this fiasco shows how that system can break down.”