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What's the scenario?

Technician Vicky is in the consultation room with Corinne Palmer who has asked to speak to her in private.

“I don’t quite know how to say this, but… a bit of me seems to be falling out,” says Corinne, blushing.

“Do you mean down below?” asks Vicky.

“Yes,” replies Corinne. “I’m so embarrassed to have to say this, but yes, I can feel – and even see – something bulging out of my vagina.”

Vicky patiently and gently questions Corinne further, finding out that she’s up to date with her smear tests but that she is experiencing some leakage of urine when she sneezes or exercises, and has noticed a little bit of pain during sex. Corinne is clearly worried, as well as self-conscious, and eventually asks the question that has clearly been uppermost in her mind: “Is it cancer?”