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What's the scenario?

Pharmacy technician Vicky is chatting to new pre-registration pharmacist Khiari in the dispensary.

“My little sister is 10 years younger than me – she started high school last year,” Khiari says.

“Did she settle in OK?” asks Vicky. 

“Yes, Leticia’s bright, so she would have done well wherever she went,” replies Khiari. “Good thing too, because the area we live in is pretty deprived and the school is very run-down. She’s made some really nice friends but can you believe that her best friend doesn’t come to school for a few days each month because of her periods?”

“Are they very heavy?” questions Vicky. “Surely she should see a GP if so?”

“It doesn’t sound like it’s just that,” says Khiari. “Leticia says that the family doesn’t have enough money for sanitary towels. She’s too proud to borrow any, too embarrassed to talk about it, and has tried to get by with just toilet tissue, but she leaked onto her skirt and got teased. So now she just stays at home. Have you ever heard anything so sad as having to skip school because of your period?”