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What's the scenario?

Claire Hawkins comes in and asks to speak to technician Vicky. 

“It’s not for me – it’s for Josh actually. He won’t come in himself,” says Claire, referring to her older son. Vicky recalls that he left college recently after completing a two-year vocational course.

“That’s a shame – he’s always been happy to chat to me,” replies Vicky. “What’s going on?”

“Oh, I’ve probably made it sound much worse than it really is, it’s nothing awful,” says Claire. “He’s just embarrassed, to be honest. Josh thought he was through all the puberty stuff because his acne seemed to have pretty much gone, but he’s got this kind of flaking skin thing going on now. I thought it was dandruff, but it’s on his face and even in his ears. Some of it looks quite red and sore, and he says it is itchy and painful in places. Any idea what it might be? And is there anything I can buy or do I need to persuade him to go to the doctor?”