Alphega Pharmacy UK members have come out on top at the first quality payments scheme (QPS) review point in April 2017, claiming on average 2.7 points more than non-members, which equates to a minimum payment of £172.80, the company has announced. 

Alphega Pharmacy UK provided its members with a range of support mechanisms, including a QPS Action Plan – a “one-stop shop” of all the information pharmacy teams needed to maximise their QPS funding entitlement – and a QPS roadshow, which focused on how to meet the standards required for healthy living pharmacy accreditations.

Lara Laundon from The Olde Pharmacy, Battersea said: “Through our Alphega tablet, we had access to clear instructions and guidance, and regular updates – which was a great help. With the support of Alphega Pharmacy UK we were able to successfully claim for all of the points that could only be earned at the first QPS review date.”


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