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Sam Collins

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Sam Collins

It takes a certain kind of person to turn the death of a baby into something positive, but Sam Collins did just that

When the non-pharmacist manager at Boots UK’s branch in Beccles, Suffolk heard the tragic news that a local infant had died of meningitis, she worked tirelessly to try and stop the same fate befalling others, providing vaccinations that helped protect over 700 children.

Myra Battle, service support officer for Suffolk LPC, who put Sam forward for the award, says it wasn’t just administering the injections that made the difference: “Sam’s team provided this service with such care and kindness towards the children and concerned parents.” The stress that surrounds such circumstances was eased by Sam and her colleagues’ expertise and knowledge, and the jangled nerves of children having a jab greatly lessened by giving them colouring in to do, and certificates for bravery.

“Sam really felt the service should be made as convenient as possible at such a worrying time and did fantastic collaborative work with management teams, pharmacy teams and the local community,” continues Myra. “She is an outstanding manager who supports her team and the local community with passion.”

RoE Awards judge and president of the Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK Liz Fidler was astonished at the sheer number of patients Sam managed to vaccinate, and last year’s Spotlight Award winner Angela Lewis heralded Sam’s “passion and determination”. For these reasons, Sam received highly commendeds in the Infant Care Champion and Innovation categories.

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Recognition of Excellence 2019