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Sheena Sanhye

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Sheena Sanhye

Sheena Sanhye started working at Honeypot Pharmacy in Harrow six years ago and now considers herself to be “the all-rounder staff” member.

She enjoys the various challenges that come with the job, from dispensing to the shop floor, but it’s promoting healthy living where Sheena’s real talents lie, and she has done sterling work with smoking cessation in particular. “I currently have two patients that I advise,” she says. “I always like to chat to them and give them personal lifestyle advice – not just product recommendations. For example, when they get a craving, I say ‘try and eat a piece of fruit and create good new habits for yourself’.”

Sheena has found that this personal approach works well. “The customers always come back and it has meant we have built a good relationship, which also helps to support them quit,” she says. “I am always pushing myself to work harder for them to help them quit, especially when they say they feel like they are struggling.”

Sheena’s commitment was admired by the RoE judges, with Richard Stephenson, chief operating officer at Right Medicine Pharmacy commenting that Sheena provides “a great service” and Liz Fidler, president of the Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK, adding that her commitment “is to be commended and demonstrates the impact she makes for her patients”.

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