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Marco Lopez

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Marco Lopez

Marco Lopez had a short stint in pharmacy many years ago but recently returned and has gone from strength to strength

His hard work ethic and dedication was recognised, meaning that when the pharmacy manager was called away to support another branch, it was Marco’s name that was put forward to lead the team. 

Now just two years in, he has achieved so much and continues to strive for excellence. “I love to work under pressure, and I always try to go the extra mile for my patients and for my staff,” he says. “I am always trying to come up with new ways to make sure the pharmacy is organised and running as efficiently as possible. 

“For example, we used to put out weekly dossette boxes which meant that the patients were having to come in every week and our staff were having to produce them. I had the idea to swap so that we do monthly dossette boxes which means that patients only have to come in once a month, so it’s much easier for them.” 

“Rising star? Already a star! Thinks, nurtures, evolves. Keep up the amazing work,” praised Paula Woodgate, RoE judge and former Spotlight Award winner. “Marco wasn’t long in the role before he had to pick up the baton and run,” adds Richard Dunne, senior manager pharmacy learning and development at Boots UK. “And run he did.”

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