Sore throats and antibiotic resistance

This module will help you to understand and educate customers about the risks of antibiotic resistance, and recommend products to help them effectively manage their sore throat symptoms.

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10 minute module

Sore throats and
antibiotic resistance

Pharmacists and pharmacy teams are often the first port of call for minor ailment queries when customers are feeling unwell. Being at the forefront of healthcare is a great opportunity to add value and offer additional health advice when appropriate. A good example is sore throat, where you can not only help customers manage symptoms, but also educate the general public about the potential risks associated with antibiotic overuse.


  • Understand the significance of antibiotic resistance
  • Learn how to manage sore throats in the pharmacy
  • Recognise when to refer a customer to the pharmacist or GP.

Product information available at the end of the module

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