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Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy Technicians are pharmacy professionals who play an integral part in helping patients to make the most of their medicines. Pharmacy Technician roles span all areas of pharmacy practice, from the purchasing, manufacture, preparation, supply and final check of medicines; to supporting medicines use reviews and the administration of medicines.

Pharmacy team

‘Our time is now’: Pharmacy technicians welcome PGD law change

'Our potential has been recognised' APTUK says as law comes into effect.

27 Jun 2024 , 2 Min Article


Community pharmacies losing technicians to hospitals after training

A GPhC survey indicates that many pharmacy technicians leave the sector after training.

19 Mar 2024 , 2 Min Article

Pharmacy team

DH launches consultation on allowing pharmacy technicians to use PGDs

Change would offer clear benefits, says DH as it opens consultation

18 Aug 2023 , 1 Min Article

Mental health

Supporting people living with anxiety: part two

Initiating discussions

11 Aug 2023 , 10 Min Module