Public Health England (PHE) and the Royal College of GPs are encouraging adults to focus on walking briskly for 10 minutes each day rather than just counting steps to improve their health and wellbeing, as part of the latest One You campaign.

This new focus highlights an easy way for adults to introduce more moderate intensity physical activity into their day, building towards the recommended 150 minutes per week, and reduce their risk of early death by up to 15 per cent.

Professor Paul Cosford, medical director at PHE, said: “Managing all the pressures of everyday life can mean that exercise takes a back seat, but building a brisk walk into your daily routine is a simple way to get more active.

“The Active 10 app gives you a clear picture of the intensity of your walk. Taking a brisk 10 minute walk each day will get your heart pumping, improve your mood and lower the risk of serious health issues like type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.”

Public Health England has produced a pharmacy toolkit to support its Active 10 campaign and aid  conversations about the health benefits of increasing physical activity. To order the toolkit, visit:



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