Covid-19 vaccine round up


Covid-19 vaccine round up


The news surrounding Covid-19 vaccination is changing rapidly and with so many stories circulating it can be difficult to keep track. Here, TM rounds up the most up-to-date news and information

March 2021

8 March

5 March

3 March

February 2021

22 February

19 February

17 February

16 February

9 February

8 February

5 February

4 February

3 February

January 2021

28 January

27 January

26 January

25 January

22 Janaury

21 January

19 January

18 January

15 January

14 January

12 January

11 January

8 January

6 January

4 January

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New guidance for chronic primary pain

The new guidance highlights the importance of individualised treatment, which is something pharmacy teams have a role to play in.

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Exclusive: 60% of pharmacies running out of masks

Sixty-two per cent of pharmacists report they won’t have enough face masks to last the next seven days.

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A catalyst for change

The pandemic has generated a real opportunity for the struggling community pharmacy workforce, but what's being done about it?

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Value of vaccines

New vaccination data highlights that there’s work to be done to improve childhood vaccination rates, despite some positive signs. 

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Understanding learning disabilities

With 1.4 million people in the UK living with a learning disability, pharmacy staff need to understand the issues affecting them.

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NICE Quality Standard 196

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Patient safety: part three

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