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If not now, when?

Editor's comment August 2023.

Hello lovely readers! I hope I can tear you away from the Barbenheimer pandemonium for a few moments to bring you a historical issue. For August, we roll out our 150th CPD module and 100th Professional Assistant (TPA) module. Not only is this sync up extremely satisfying, but also a memorable milestone for us as we continue to deliver high quality training to pharmacy teams across the UK. The CPD module looks at managing heart failure, with an in-depth exploration of recent changes and pharmacy support. Whilst our centenary TPA module covers lower gastrointestinal health and some common conditions. Be sure to complete the module quiz and scenario to test what you have learnt at the end too.

Our Public Eye feature this month explores maternal mortality in the UK and asks why, as medicine continues to advance, are a significant number of women still dying during and after pregnancy and childbirth? Some hard hitting but necessary questions asked. The MBRRACE-UK report explored includes advice for health professionals on ways in which you can play a role and improve care for expectant mothers.

Now a takeaway for you. (Potential) spoiler alert:

Along the vein of one of the themes from Christopher Nolan's latest work, Oppenheimer asks, if not us then who? I ask you to embody this ethos in your work this month. Not by making atomic bombs, but by stepping up to help your customers and communities. Because if not you, then who? And if not now, when?

Because if not you, then who? And if not now, when?

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