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Train of thanks

Editor's comment May 2022.

Hello lovely readers! I hope some of you have managed to enjoy time off over the recent bank holidays and if not, have some holiday planned soon.

Rest and recouperation certainly contribute to a positive and productive work environment. Alongside both is another important “r” and that’s recognition, which is why it is such a pleasure to see pharmacy teams across the UK be recognised and thanked by the Prince of Wales for all their hard work throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

I hope to continue this train of thanks at our Recognition of Excellence Awards next month. Since the pandemic began, pharmacy teams have shown such unbelievable strength and still continue to do so. I hope you know just how important the work you do is and just how many people have depended on you throughout the past two years. As you’ll read, Prince Charles said: “Pharmacies are about people and places, not just pills”, and I couldn’t agree more.

As people in England continue to face a mounting crisis when it comes to accessing dental care, you may see an increase in customers looking for support from the pharmacy. We have based our Professional Assistant module on oral care to help you feel confident when dealing with queries and continue to be a pillar of support in your communities, not just a place for pills.

Prince Charles said: “Pharmacies are about people and places, not just pills”, and I couldn’t agree more.

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