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No fun in the sun

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No fun in the sun

Some 49 per cent of parents think it is OK to let their children have tanned skin and 34 per cent believe that tanned skin is healthy for their children.

The results from a Garnier Ambre Solaire commissioned study of 1,500 British parents of children aged five to 11, also found that 43 per cent of children have been sunburned, despite the British Skin Foundation warning that getting burnt in childhood almost doubles the risk of developing melanoma skin cancer in adulthood.

In addition, 82 per cent of parents think sun safety is a necessary part of school curriculum, but only 40 per cent believe it’s taught adequately at their child’s school, with four in 10 parents not trusting that teachers can keep their children safe in the sun.

Consultant dermatologist Dr Justine Kluk commented: “Sunscreen application is most crucial between April and September when UV levels are at their peaks. With higher than average temperatures expected in the next few months, parents and schools would be well advised to start thinking about sun protection now.”

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