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PPI users lack valid indication

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PPI users lack valid indication

Just under half the number of people starting proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) have valid indications, according to a retrospective study by the British Journal of General Practice. In addition, people taking certain concurrent drugs were found to be four to five times more likely to inappropriately use PPIs.

According to the analysis of a Dutch database from 27 general practices, 23,601 adults started PPIs – equivalent to 16 per cent of the total population.

Only 44 per cent had valid indications for using PPIs at the start of treatment, most commonly for upper gastrointestinal conditions (20 per cent).

Despite cases of initial valid indication, PPI use was inappropriately continued in 32 per cent of patients receiving short-course therapy (under three months) for dyspepsia and in 11 per cent of those on ulcer prophylaxis, according to the report.

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