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“Rounded and robust” training for pre-reg trainee pharmacy technicians

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“Rounded and robust” training for pre-reg trainee pharmacy technicians

Certain NHS Trusts are currently developing a cross sector training placement for trainee pharmacy technicians, including Kent, Surrey and Sussex NHS Foundation Trusts.

The project continues to build on three successful national pilots aimed to expand the pharmacy technician workforce, launched by Health Education England (HEE).

The ‘Pharmacy Technician Workforce Expansion Project’ 2022/23 aims to help employers develop pre-registration trainee pharmacy technicians across England as part of a cross-sector programme or by providing a single-sector training placement in community pharmacy.

“In line with the NHS workforce development plan we have been piloting cross sector training programme for pre-registration trainee pharmacy technicians with Mental Health Trust, Primary Care Network, and now a newly formed partnership with a community pharmacy for our next intake,” said Kim Foolchand, EPD and lead pharmacy technician, Education and Training at the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust. “Once which was a barrier between primary care and secondary care is slowly being dissolved, providing trainees coming in with a much rounded and robust training placement.”

The trainees will spend a minimum of 13 weeks in each of the above rotation per year during their two years training and complete learning outcomes in line with the Initial Education and Training (IET) for pharmacy technician.

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