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Ear care

This Professional Assistant: Learn and Advise module focuses on ear care.  

This Professional Assistant module is about ear care. It will consider the causes and symptoms of common ear problems, as well as the OTC products and self care tips that can ease and prevent them.

The ears can be affected by a number of problems, including infections and build up of earwax


  • Have a basic understanding of the ear’s structure
  • Be familiar with some of the common conditions that can affect the ears
  • Know the treatment options and when to refer.

About this module

This module is suitable for all members of the pharmacy team who wish to increase their knowledge of communication skills. This module has been endorsed with the NPA’s Training Seal as suitable for use by pharmacy teams as part of their ongoing learning.



Click here to download a PDF of the module as it appeared in print. You can still use your online learning log to record your learning outcomes and impact on your practice.

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