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Seize the moment

Reflecting at the end of a challenging year, Liz Fidler urges all pharmacy technicians to shout loud about their expertise and make their voices heard.

Reflecting at the end of a challenging year, Liz Fidler urges all pharmacy technicians to shout loud about their expertise and make their voices heard

As a new year approaches, I am motivated by what 2022 could bring for the profession. 2021 was tough on many levels, but our profession rose to the challenge for our patients and although there is more work to do, I feel confident that pharmacy technicians are stepping out of the shadows. Expansion in roles and a platform where our expertise, knowledge and skills are understood and embraced more must be capitalised on. 

As a registered profession, we are healthcare professionals, we work within legislation, and it’s encouraging to be part of discussions exploring where legislation needs to modernise to reflect what another registered healthcare professional in pharmacy can add. We are no longer a delegated to profession – it’s been 10 years in England, Scotland, and Wales! 

I would encourage you to personally identify your practice as a registered professional. Have confidence in your professional accountability and apply the professional standards you adhere to. When you complete your revalidation requirements, I hope you do so confidently, recognising your value and what you do for services and patients. 

It’s time the profession demonstrated its confidence and broke down some of the historical perceptions. 

We need to have a clear narrative around what our profession can offer, and we need to lead this, at every opportunity. Do you feel you use your knowledge and skills to provide the best possible patient service and care? If not then it’s important to say so. 

As my wise Grandma often said, "If you don’t ask you don’t get!"

As a profession, we put patients at the heart of every decision and practice we undertake, we work with multi-professional teams, complementing others. We know our scope of practice and professional responsibilities, so let’s inform others. 'This is what I can do legally and within my professional regulation and I am prepared to be accountable' is a game changer. This is our moment, and we must seize it. This may feel challenging, but for our future registrants and for healthcare services, we must embrace the opportunities that are coming.

APTUK will continue to play our part, providing examples, influencing decisions, and showcasing the profession, BUT we need to build on the momentum of professional pride and support the messages of what our profession is – loud and clear for all.

I hope you get the chance to have a break over the next few weeks, enjoy some time with those you love and be proud of everything you have done this past year – thank you.

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